Are Deposit Bonuses The Best Betting Bonus?

If you’ve read a few articles on our site you’ll already know that we are huge fans of when online casinos offer a deposit bonus. You’ll also probably know that we are less than impressed by some other “gimmicky” betting bonuses that seem better than they actually are.

Today we’re going to talk about why we think deposit bonuses are the best betting bonus (and we think the others kind of suck).

Deposit Bonuses: The Best Betting Bonus

There’s a reason that most casinos out there will run a deposit bonus scheme at some point or another – players love them.

Deposit bonuses (when they are run correctly) allow players to double or even triple their initial deposit without even placing a bet. It’s like you’ve instantly won a 2/1 or 3/1 wager with absolutely no risk at all.

While it’s true that wagering requirements make this idea of “instant winning” from the bonus a little more complicated than it sounds – the concept is still sound. Providing you’re planning on gaming for at least a little while at the casino (to meet the wagering requirements), it’s essentially free money.

Free Spins: The Worst Betting Bonus

Online casinos love to make a huge deal about offering their players free spins as a welcome bonus, but in our opinion – they’re almost worthless (in most cases).

Although free spins can be a good way to get you starting playing slots, it’s useless when it comes to betting, seeing there’s no way to use them. Luckily, the best betting sites almost always have a specific bonus for the person interested in sports betting rather than playing slots, in which they simply do not include free spins.

Dedicated Odds Bonus = The Best Betting Bonus

Since free spins are useless for anyone looking to place bets, but on the other hand very good for people more into slots, the best betting bonuses are always the ones that are specifically for betting. Practically all odds and betting sites also offers casino games, and that’s why they need several different bonuses to cater for all needs. That way, it won’t matter if you’re there for the betting or the slots, you will always be able to choose the best bonus for you.


So there you have it, that’s what we think is the best betting bonus you’re ever going to find (for now).

Casinos and betting sites often update their bonuses to stay on top of their game and to compete with other brands. Check the list at the top of this page to see the what bonuses they currently offer.