What Does It Take To Be One Of Our Top Rated Best Casinos?

If you’ve spent a little time browsing our site, you’ll probably know by now that when it comes to casino recommendations – our standards are pretty high. We don’t recommend any casino that we wouldn’t be 100% happy with depositing our own hard earned money into, but how do we decide?

Today we’re going to take a look at what kind of things we’re looking for in the best online casinos that we’re happy to recommend on this site. It should hopefully give you an idea of the kind of detail we go into to ensure our readers get the best online gaming experience possible.

Deposit Bonuses

Let’s start with the most attractive and obvious thing that we spend our time looking for when making a casino recommendation – the deposit bonus. While there are several other important factors that need to be taken into account, there is nothing that will please and attract a new player to a casino more than a huge deposit bonus.

When we’re looking for a casino to recommend we check and double check the terms and conditions of any deposit bonus that is being offered. We’ll look at the kind of withdrawal restrictions, we’ll look at game-based restrictions, and we’ll obviously look at the size of the bonus too. 

There may be other casinos that we’ve not listed that have bigger bonuses (in very rare cases), but if we’re not recommending them as one of the best casinos – then they’ve probably failed one of our other tests.


The global nature of the internet has opened up a world of opportunity for the gaming industry, but it has also presented an opportunity for scammers too. Because of the huge amount of money that’s being deposited in online casinos on a daily basis, the level of sophistication that goes into some online gambling scams is quite honestly scary. Even for the most tech-savvy gamer, it’s all too easy to deposit funds in a disreputable casino for them never to be seen again.

While we cannot (and will not) guarantee the legitimacy of the casinos we recommend on this site, we put a huge amount of effort into ensuring we’re only recommending trustworthy organizations. We look at their location, their licenses, the track record of the team behind the casino, and several online reviews before deciding to make a recommendation. 


One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is inspecting some of the best online casinos and looking at the games they are offering to their players. You’re going to find all of the classics like on any good online casino, but sometimes it’s fun to try something new.

Many casinos have a wide range of custom games that can be extremely enjoyable (and profitable) when you’re taking a break from perhaps a more serious game of your preferred type. We inspect the games on offer and collectively evaluate them within our team for originality, enjoyment, and potential profitability.


In recent years the accessibility of online casinos has skyrocketed up our list of priorities when making a recommendation. More people these days are accessing the internet (and online casinos) via mobile devices than on conventional laptops or desktops. As such, for us to be able to recommend a casino – they need to be mobile friendly.

We like to check that their site and their games display properly on smartphones and tablets to allow you to game on the go. We award bonus points for any casino that provides their players with a dedicated app – as they’re often far superior to a browser-based interface.


So there you have it, these are just a few examples of kinds of things that we expect the best casinos in June 2024 to have if they want to make it to the top of our list of recommendations. This is far from an exhaustive list and we perform many more checks and balances to ensure we’re making recommendations we’re happy putting our name to – but this should at the very least give you an idea of what goes on here behind the scenes.