Is a Casino Bonus Still Relevant Today?

It will undoubtedly come as no great surprise to discover that online casino gambling is one of the fastest growing industries today, thanks to ever-advancing technology. Seasoned gamblers may be somewhat wary of this, having been used to land-based casinos and may perhaps be unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. Those that are new to online gambling may be wondering about the relevance of bonuses and are they really worth signing up to? Actually, a casino bonus can be a deciding factor when a player is looking for a new casino, in which to invest their time and money. Let us guide you through the different types of bonuses, and assure you that they are still relevant today.

Up to 200% Casino Bonus

You may think that it is too good to be true, that some online casinos offer up to 200% on a matched deposit bonus. This is, in effect free money, to be used as you wish, but it’s not without its drawbacks. The term wagering requirements may be unfamiliar to those new to the online casino world, but it is definitely worth your time to discover the full meaning of this requirement. Put simply, it is the number of times you have to place a bet before you can withdraw any winnings. For example, if the wagering requirement is 30x, and when making your deposit you have received a $50 bonus, then you would have to wager $1500 before you could withdraw anything.

Casino Free Spins

Free spins indeed are an attention-grabbing headline, designed to lure in a new gambler, with thoughts of making easy money. While they are certainly not a scam, they are usually limited in their scope, and ultimately may not be worthwhile. The online casino usually allows them only to be played on a specific slot, rather than being able to pick any game that you fancy. If you prefer table games, such as poker, roulette or blackjack, then free spins are not really going to tempt you to sign up. Having said that, if you do win anything on the free spins, then the money is yours to withdraw or play with, as you wish.

Casino Welcome Bonuses

Online casinos face increasing competition, with new establishments opening every day, all hoping to obtain, and keep, new players. A welcome bonus is a once only offer, for new players, designed to encourage them to sign up. It may consist as a matched deposit, or free spins, or both. You need to weigh up the options, to decide which offers the best value. Some casinos also provide other prizes, but this is just usually a gimmick and not worth your while. Occasionally, a long time player may receive a reward to keep them interested. This often happens if they haven’t deposited anything for a while, but the bonus won’t be as generous as those offered to new players.

New Casino Bonus

New casinos, keen to establish themselves in the marketplace, will often offer a bonus for signing up, that may seem very generous. The famous casinos have no need to do this, as they already have an established reputation with a large, loyal, player base. While it may be tempting to grab these high-value bonuses, you should always ensure that the casino is licenced with the correct authorities, and not liable to vanish overnight with your money. If you are keen to exploit these generous new casino bonuses, then it is undoubtedly worth your while to look for new casinos on a regular basis.

No Deposit Bonus

The no deposit bonus is not as commonplace as other bonuses, but it really is worth seeking out. As it implies, you can actually receive free money to play with, without having to deposit your own cash. Of course, there are usually terms and conditions attached to this offer, which require some consideration. Typically, the online casino will ask you to register a payment method, even if you don’t intend using it. The casino will, of course, hope that you get so caught up in the games, that you can’t resist adding money to your account to continue playing.

So, there is your answer; yes, a casino bonus is still relevant today. In fact, more so than ever, as great deals can be found at an online casino, eager to entice you as a player. Don’t forget to read as many n-depth reviews as possible, to help you make an informed decision as to which casino offers the best deal. As long as you take the time to study the finer details, particularly as regards to any wagering requirements, then you really can’t go wrong and can look forward to many happy hours hoping to convert your casino bonus into some substantial winnings.

100% bonus

We know that this article is going to sound like we’re a little bit greedy – but we believe our readers should get every single advantage over the house that they possibly can. Today we’re going to be talking about 100% deposit bonuses, and if they’re “good enough” for our readers.

At first, many new online gamblers take a look at a casino’s 100% deposit bonus and think something like “Wow! I’m already doubling my money before placing a bet!”.

While this is technically true, there are a few serious terms and conditions that apply to deposit bonuses that should be taken into account (and we’ll discuss them later). The two things we want to cover in this section are the frequency of these promotions and the potential for better bonuses.

Should You Sign Up Because Of A 100% Deposit Bonus?

At first, many new online gamblers take a look at a casino’s 100% deposit bonus and think something like “Wow! I’m already doubling my money before placing a bet!”.

While this is technically true, there are a few serious terms and conditions that apply to deposit bonuses that should be taken into account (and we’ll discuss them later). The two things we want to cover in this section are the frequency of these promotions and the potential for better bonuses.

100% deposit bonuses have a profound psychological effect on prospective players. It almost seems too good to be true, but as the casinos that offer these bonuses are reputable – it’s also obviously a legitimate promotion. This can lead to people rushing to the sign-up page and handing over their money before giving it much thought.

There are loads of casinos out there that offer 100% bonuses to new players, so our recommendation is that you shop around a little bit before making your deposit. You’ll be able to find many different casinos (of many different levels of quality) with a similar offer, so make sure you’re going with one of the better ones.

Additionally, 100% deposit bonuses are not “the best” deposit bonus you’re going to be able to find online – especially if you’re a new player. It’s not uncommon to find casinos offering 200% or even 300% deposit bonuses when they’re running campaigns to attract new players.

Worried About Wagering?

For those new gamblers among us, the concept of wagering is something that can often be discovered when it’s too late to take it into account.

Wagering is essentially a way the casinos protect their generous “free money” given out by these deposit bonuses. You’ll never find a deposit bonus without a wagering requirement – otherwise, you could just deposit money, get the bonus, and withdraw it all without ever placing a bet.

The wagering requirements are defined by a multiplier which multiplies your bonus by the wagering requirement to give you a final figure. This number is the amount you need to wager in total before you are eligible to withdraw the additional funds you received as a bonus. 

For example, if you deposited $100 and received a 100% deposit bonus, you would have $200 in total (and $100 of it would be the bonus). If the wagering requirement is 2X you’d have to place at least $200 worth of bets before you can withdraw the deposit bonus ($100 bonus X 2).

Better Bonuses

As we mentioned above, 100% deposit bonuses are nothing special – they’re super common and you’ll find many different casinos offering them to new players (and even existing players in some instances).

It’s worth looking around and keeping an eye out for 200% deposit bonuses, they’re not super rare and most times of the year you’ll be able to find at least one casino offering it as a promotion to new players (but almost never to existing players).

Free Spins

We just want to mention a little bit about free spins that can often be bundled in with a 100% deposit bonus as part of a promotion. Free spins are a nice little-added bonus that some casinos like to throw into the deal to make them stand out above the countless other casinos that are offering a 100% deposit bonus for new players.

Essentially you’ll be given a number of free spins (usually between 5 and 15) on a certain selection of online slot machines. Any money you win with these spins is yours to do with as you wish (normally). Free spins are almost never as good as a deposit bonus in terms of profitability – but they are super nice to have as an “added extra”.

Where Can I Find A Casino That Offers A 100% Deposit Bonus in July 2024?

The problem with 100% deposit bonuses is that they are extremely common. 

This makes deciding between the numerous casinos with this kind of bonus a little bit tricky for the novice online gambler (to say the least). Great online casinos, and not so great online casinos will be offering a 100% bonus, but how do you tell them apart? And which ones should you choose?

Luckily for you, you’ve got us to do the hard work for you.

We spend our days geeking out about the offers and promotions that online casinos are currently running to find the best active ones to share them with you. At the top of this page, you’ll find a long list of what we think are the best casinos offering a 100% deposit bonus to new players. They’re all reputable casinos in our opinion and we’d be more than happy depositing our own hard earned cash into them.


So there you have it, all there is to know about the world of 100% deposit bonuses and the casinos that offer them.

Any of the casinos at the top of this page are excellent options, and they are all more than worthy of your consideration.

Welcome bonuses

Online casinos have been offering new players welcome bonuses ever since they first existed. It’s a great way for casinos to get new players, and it’s a great way for players to make their initial deposit go further.

It’s a win-win situation that leaves everyone happy.

However, not all welcome bonuses are created equal, and while they may look similar on the surface – deep in the terms and conditions there can be things that new players overlook.

Today we’re going to provide you with all you need to know about the 2 main kinds of welcome bonuses (and the traps to look out for).

Welcome Deposit Bonuses

The most common (and most profitable) kind of welcome bonus for new players is the trusty deposit bonus. If you’re with us on this site then we’re willing to bet that you’ve already seen a casino offering a deposit bonus to new players. Bonuses can range from 50% all the way up to 200% (or even 300% in super rare cases).

Deposit bonuses can usually be used on any game offered by the casino you’re depositing with – which means they are universally popular. Existing players can often get a deposit bonus on special occasions – but they’re generally smaller and much less common than welcome bonuses.

We love deposit bonuses here, and we always recommend that readers shop around to find the biggest bonus when they are joining a new casino (instead of looking at things like free spins).

The Problem With Welcome Deposit Bonuses

Many new players think that they are the first person to think about withdrawing a deposit bonus without wagering it to get free money – but they’re not.

Online casinos protect their investment in welcoming a new player through the use of wagering requirements. Without getting all technical, essentially this means you have to place a certain amount of bets (in value terms) comparative to the size of your bonus. Sometimes this is 1x or 2x your bonus, other times it’s much much higher.

It’s important to check the fine print of any welcome bonus 2024 to see what the wagering requirements are. Figure out how much you’ll have to wager before you can withdraw the funds to see if it’s going to be worth your while.

The bigger more established casinos can be trusted more with wagering than smaller newer casinos. But as smaller casinos often provide bigger bonuses, it’s worth doing your research to try and find a real gem.

Free Spin Welcome Bonuses

The other kind of welcome bonus that’s worth watching out for is free spins.

As the name suggests, a casino will give new players a certain number of free spins (or free plays) on video poker games or slot machine games. The money you win with these free spins is often not subject to wagering requirements like the deposit bonuses we discussed above.

While the potential for huge winnings is technically possible with free spins, in reality, they are rarely more profitable than a decent deposit bonus. That being said, they are an excellent little-added extra that we love seeing added to a welcome bonus that already includes a deposit. We see free spin bonuses as a complement to a deposit bonus – not a replacement.

What To Look Out For With Free Spin Bonuses

There’s much less that can go wrong with a free spin bonus compared to a deposit bonus – mainly because they’re much less risky for the casino.

The main thing we recommend looking out for is the games that the spins can be used on. Casinos have a habit of “omitting” the information that the spins can only be used on a certain selection of machines in their marketing materials (but it’s always there in the fine print).

If you’re a slot machine gamer and are hoping to use these free spins on a specific game – make sure you read the terms and conditions to see what games you can use them on.

How To Find The Best Casino Welcome Bonuses In July 2024

Finding casinos that have the best welcome bonuses is a little bit of an art form. It requires knowledge of the industry, and a fair bit of patience too…

You’ve first got to ensure that any casino you’re depositing with is legitimate (because the best bonuses are offered by the newest casinos). You’ve also then got to read through the technical legal language of the terms and conditions to ensure there are no loopholes or hidden surprises that will make your bonus worthless.

It’s a lot of boring hard work, but as we’re gambling geeks – we love it.

At the top of this page, you’ll see that we’ve done the research for you. Every single one of the casinos we have listed there offers an active deposit bonus that is more than worthy of your consideration. We are comfortable recommending them all, and we would (or do) deposit with them ourselves.


So there you have it, the 2 most common welcome bonuses new players will find at online casinos.

Always remember that a big deposit bonus is almost always the most profitable (and enjoyable) form of welcome bonus that a casino can offer – so never choose free spins or other gimmicks over a good old boost to your deposit.

Just remember to check the wagering requirement isn’t ridiculous and you’ll probably be very, very happy with your decision.

New Casino Bonuses

One of the most interesting things about the online gambling industry is the way new casinos get themselves up and running with a decent sized player base (hint: it’s done with huge incentives and bonuses). It would make sense for larger more established brands to offer bigger bonuses (as they’ve got more money to invest), but often this is not the case.

Today we are going to take a look at the world of new casinos and the bonuses they offer. We will see what’s on offer, why they are so big, and we are going to recommend a few excellent new casinos with great bonuses too.

Why Are New Casino Bonuses So Big?

As we mentioned above, new casinos often offer new players sign up bonuses that are much larger than those offered by established online casinos. The main reason for this is quite simple – survival.

An online casino is a very expensive thing to create, run, and maintain. Without a sufficient number of players, they are quite literally on borrowed time. Their investment money is rarely going to be infinite, and targets and deadlines are set for player and revenue targets. If they don’t meet them, the casino can close.

To meet these targets (and ensure the casino survives) they offer deposit bonuses that are so large they are almost silly. It’s a tried and tested marketing tactic that almost all new casinos use.

However, there is a secondary (but still important) reason that new casinos need to entice people with large bonuses – trust.

A well-established casino has earned the trust and admiration of thousands of players. It has had time to sort out computer bugs and has created a well functioning system to ensure players have an excellent and secure experience. New casinos, on the other hand, can’t offer this feeling of security to their customers (despite them probably being just as good).

To make up for this fact, again new casinos use large bonuses to make the “risk” worth the players while.

Note: These days there is very little risk in signing up to a new casino providing they are run by a legitimate company.

What Kind Of New Casino Bonuses Are There In 2024?

The most common (and most valuable) kind of new casino bonus is the good old deposit bonus. These bonuses are essentially a multiplier of whatever your initial deposit is. 100% Deposit bonuses are commonplace with new and old casinos, you will often find 200% bonuses too (but only usually with newer or smaller casinos).

Free spins are another kind of bonus that new casinos like to hand out, but they’re not as valuable as a deposit bonus in our opinion. They are essentially “free spins” (as the name suggests) on a few selected slot machine games. They’re a nice added bonus when offered alongside a deposit bonus, but on their own, they’re pretty small in terms of deposit value.


So now you know a little bit about why you are finding such big new casino bonuses in July 2024, and the kinds of bonus to look out for.

At the top of this page, we have listed several excellent new casinos that are offering very generous bonuses’ to new players. We highly recommend you take a look at them and add them to the top of your shortlist – they’re a great way to make your deposit go further before you even place a bet.