The Unstoppable Rise Of Mobile Casinos

In the past decade or so there has been a fundamental shift in the way that people are gaming online. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to game on the go, and as such mobile casinos have become big business. 

Today we’re going to look at how mobile casinos work, why they are so popular, and what’s good (and not so good about them).

If you’re an experienced gambler and you’ve never tried gaming from the comfort of your bed – then we strongly recommend you experience the convenience of a mobile casino…

It might just change the way you look at gaming forever.

Are Mobile Casinos Mobile Only?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that many people have about mobile casinos – more often than not they are not “mobile only”.

The biggest and best online casinos in the world are well aware of the kind of devices that people use to access their websites and as such – they invest a lot of time (and money) into becoming mobile friendly. They are the exact same casinos that you’d access on a desktop or a laptop, they just have a mobile interface.

This being said, there are a handful of mobile casinos that are mobile only. These casinos have decided not create a web version of their services and are entirely app-based instead.

Note: Not all app-based mobile casinos are “mobile only”, but all “mobile only” casinos are app based.

App Based Mobile Casinos Vs Browser Based Mobile Casinos

As we briefly pointed out above, there are two kinds of mobile casinos that you’ll find when looking around – app-based and browser-based.

App-based mobile casinos are widely regarded as being the best way to game on a smartphone or a tablet. They are dedicated pieces of software that are custom designed to work on the platform of your mobile device. They usually run much quicker, are much more secure and reliable, and the controls are often more intuitive and responsive than a browser-based mobile casino.

This being said, there are some excellent browser-based mobile casinos out there – and it’s more than possible to have an enjoyable gaming experience with them.

What We Like About Mobile Casinos (June 2023)

The main thing that attracts us (and countless thousands of other players) to mobile casinos is the undeniable convenience of the portable platform. Before mobile gaming came along, online gaming could only be done from your home or your office. While this is still an extremely convenient and enjoyable way to gamble – it’s kind of restrictive in comparison.

With the ever-increasing speed and reliability of mobile internet connections, it’s now possible to game almost anywhere in the world. You can be sitting on a beach, waiting for a bus, or riding the train while enjoying yourself at some of the worlds finest online casinos.

What We Don’t Like About Mobile Casinos

There are a few downsides to mobile phone casinos that we feel we should point out. They’re not big problems, and in our opinion, they are more than made up for by the portability and convenience of the platforms – but we like to be honest here.

The biggest problem for us with mobile casinos is when they are used on a smartphone (instead of a tablet). Smartphone screens are very small (despite seemingly ever increasing in size). It’s more than possible to play a wide range of casino games on a screen this size, but it’s not exactly ideal. It can be a little tricky sometimes to make the moves you want without accidentally making a mistake on some lower quality smartphone casinos (on better quality casinos this isn’t as much of a problem).

Smartphone gambling also suffers from performance related issues – depending on the device you have. Older smartphones may struggle to run the complex software required for an enjoyable experience and slight delays in graphics rendering and lag may be noticeable. 

Both of these issues are nonexistent on most tablets on the market. Their screens are obviously much larger which creates a much more enjoyable experience, and their processors are larger – which means the software runs much more smoothly.


So there you have it, everything you ever wanted to know about the world of online mobile casinos.

As you might have guessed from the tone of the article above, we’re big fans of mobile gaming here. The convenience is something that we could not live without now that we have experienced it. 

Interestingly we generally don’t use mobile casinos that much when we are out of the house (but many people do). Instead, we prefer the convenience of being able to play from the comfort of our bed or our sofa with a handheld device instead of being at a desk or table on a desktop or a laptop.