Playing It Safe At PaySafeCard Casinos

PaySafeCard might not have the big brand name recognition of PayPal or Skrill, but it’s one of the most popular (and safest) ways for players to deposit funds in a casino. As such, several PaySafeCard casinos have cropped up over the years, and now they’re big business.

Today we’re going to take a look at what PaySafeCard is, why it’s so safe, and which casinos will allow you to deposit with PaySafe.

What Is PaySafeCard?

PaySafeCard is the solution to one of the most common issues players have with online casinos – trust. 

Many of the casinos people want to deposit funds into look great and trustworthy, but it’s always hard to know for sure. Handing over your personal credit or debit card details to an organization you cannot be 100% sure about the legitimacy of is obviously a less than ideal situation.

That’s where PaySafeCard comes in.

PaySafeCard is a fully functioning prepaid card that can be used like normal for almost all kinds of online transaction. Unlike PayPal, PaySafeCard loves it when their services are used for depositing funds in online casinos and makes the process as easy as possible for both players and casinos alike.

What makes PaySafeCard even safer is that you don’t actually have to sign up to it online – you can simply buy a card and load it with cash in a supermarket without ever handing over personal information.

How Do I Deposit In A PaySafe Casino?

PaySafeCard has put a huge amount of effort into being as user-friendly as possible. You simply add funds to your card and then provide the casino with the card number that PaySafeCard has given you. If anything bad happens to your card (like identity theft) the criminals will only be able to access the funds that are in your PaySafeCard account – leaving your main bank account protected.

It’s a super simple yet super effective solution that many players can’t live without after they’ve experienced the peace of mind it provides.

Do Most Casinos Accept PaySafeCard?

Unfortunately, not all casinos accept PaySafeCard. Despite it being an impeccable solution to the problem of trust and security – it has still got a very small market share. As such, it can be a little tricky to find a casino that will accept deposits by PaySafeCard.

However, we’re casino nerds on this site, and we love searching the internet to find casinos that fit certain categories (it’s sad, we know). 

We’ve found several excellent casinos that we’ve listed at the top of this page that accept PaySafeCard as a deposit method. We’ve reviewed them all and confirmed that they all seem legitimate (and their welcome bonuses are well above average too). 

If you’re looking for somewhere to deposit with PaySafeCard – they’re an excellent starting point.


So there you have it, a little bit about PaySafeCard casinos (for August 2019) and the PaySafe system itself.

It’s a shame that more casinos don’t accept PaySafeCard as a deposit method as it’s truly an awesome system. However, more and more people are getting a PaySafeCard as the years go by and as such, we expect to see widespread acceptance of PaySafeCard deposits in the near future.