What Are Trustly Casinos? (And Why Should I Use Them?)

Most of the content on this site is aimed towards English speaking countries (mainly the US and the UK). However, we get a huge amount of international traffic and we thought we’d make some content specifically for our readers from around the globe.

Most people in the US will never have heard of Trustly, they’re a reasonably small organization that only operates in 4 European countries. However, they’re growing quickly and more and more people in these countries are demanding that casinos allow players to deposit funds using the platform.

Today we’re going to take a look at Trustly casinos, find out what they are, and most importantly, who can use them.

What Is Trustly?

Trustly is one of the few payment processors we’ve covered on this site that’s not a wallet based system (like PayPal). Instead, Trustly is more like Stripe and acts as a middleman for credit card transactions. 

Using Trustly is super simple, which is good news for players and casinos alike. When you’re ready to deposit you’re redirected from the casino to Trustly’s website where you enter your details. Once the payment has been accepted Trustly transfers your funds to the casino and you’re ready to play instantly.

Why Use Trustly?

The clue is in the name really, trust.

Because the casino never receives your card details you never need to worry about handing them over to a less than reputable organization (or an organization with substandard security). This means players can play anywhere without worrying about credit card fraud, and it means that new casinos without a reputation can provide their players with a little more peace of mind.

Who Can Use Trustly?

At present Trustly is only available for players in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Spain. Players in these countries also need to have a bank account with one of the major banks in their country to be eligible to use Trustly’s service – it cannot be used with international cards. If you are in one of the 4 eligible countries but do not have a major bank account, you will not be able to use their services to deposit in a Trustly casino.

Can I Withdraw With Trustly?

One of the main issues people have with Trustly casinos is that Trustly cannot be used to withdraw funds, only deposit them.

This means that when you want to withdraw money from your balance you’re going to need to provide the casino with an alternate method – often your bank account. It might seem like a huge flaw in the system to require casino withdrawals via personally identifiable information – but it’s actually not that much of a problem.

To withdraw funds to a bank account a casino needs only your account details – not your card details. While it’s obviously better for a potential hacker to not have these details at all – there’s not much they can do with them if they do happen to fall into the wrong hands. 

You cannot move money out of a bank account with just the account details.

Which Casinos Provide Trustly Deposits In May 2020?

Because Trustly is a very small company (in comparison to the big players) and is only available in 4 countries it can be hard to find reputable places to play with Trustly deposits.

We’ve searched high and low and we think we’ve found just about every Trustly casino on the internet (and there’s not many of them). We’ve looked at all of them in incredible detail to ensure they’re legitimate and the ones that passed our tests have been listed at the top of this page. 

They all also offer excellent deposit bonuses that new players should compare and contrast to take advantage of. We love being able to double our money without risking it on a bet thanks to a nice welcome bonus. All of the bonuses at the casinos above are active and applicable to balance deposits made with Trustly, and their wagering requirements are fair.


We would strongly recommend that you don’t deposit at a Trustly casino that we have not recommended above. 

Most of the casinos that offer Trustly deposits are generally very small operations and many of them had hidden surprises in the terms and conditions of their bonuses that we were unhappy with.

The ones above are the safest places to place a bet, and we’d be shocked if you had issues with any of them.