Gaming At UKash Casinos

UKash casinos are starting to become big business. While the payment processor is still tiny in terms of market share compared to the big players like PayPal, they’re steadily growing year on year. However, despite their reasonably limited number of users, UKash is incredibly popular in the world of online gambling due to the convenience and security the platform provides.

But what is UKash, and why do people like to use it to fund their online casino balances?

Today we’re going to find out with the ultimate guide to UKash casinos.

What Is UKash?

UKash is a UK company (the clue is in the name) that provides prepaid payment methods globally. There are almost 500,000 locations (mainly supermarkets) worldwide that allow people to top up their UKash account with cash – meaning no credit card details need to be exposed at any time.

When you top up your UKash account you’re given a code which needs to be entered into the UKash system. After that, you can transfer the funds instantly to any other UKash account (which includes casinos).

Some payment providers don’t really like their services being used for online casino deposits (mainly PayPal), but this isn’t the case with UKash. As such, you can use UKash to pay for almost anything legal online.

What Are The Benefits Of Using UKash To Deposit In A Casino?

There main reason that people like to deposit UKash in a casino is security. 

There are countless online casinos available these days for players to choose from. Some of them are huge reputable companies, others are small start-ups. Most people reading this article wouldn’t think twice about handing over their card details to one of the more established and respected casinos – but what if you want to join a smaller unknown casino?

Providing an unknown team with your sensitive information is something that many people are quite understandably uncomfortable about. Security risks from hacking and scam casinos are unfortunately still reasonably common concerns that need to be taken into account when deciding where to play.

By using a UKash casino, players don’t need to provide any payment information to a casino that could be used maliciously. It’s a super safe way to play, and it’s the primary reason it’s becoming so popular.

How Do I Find A UKash Casino In July 2020?

Despite UKash becoming more and more popular as the years go by, it’s still considered to be a reasonably niche payment method in the industry. Because of this, you’re not going to find many casinos that accept UKash deposits (but there are some).

A quick google search will probably provide you with a list of several UKash casinos, but as they’re (mainly) small players in the online gambling world it’s hard to know which ones can be trusted.

Researching the organizations behind the casinos, figuring out where they are located, verifying their legitimacy via reviews, and getting an idea of their security is a time-consuming process – especially when you’ve got to do it for each casino. 

Luckily for you, we love doing this kind of stuff – and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

At the top of this page, you’ll find several links to reliable UKash casinos that we’ve inspected, verified, and recommended for you today. They’re all excellent options that are more than worthy of your consideration.


So there you have it, a little bit of an introduction into UKash casinos and the UKash system itself. 

During our research, we came across several casinos where you can make a UKash deposit that didn’t quite live up to our expectations when we started to look into them. We’re not going to name them here, but we advise extreme caution if you’re planning on depositing with a UKash casino we’ve not recommended above.

Note: We’re not saying the casinos above are the only legitimate places you can gamble with UKash – but they’re certainly some of the safest and most reliable.