We Live In The Future: VR Casinos

The surge in popularity of VR casinos kind of caught us off guard a little bit. With mobile casinos only recently becoming widely adopted and mainstream, we thought that we’d seen the end of digital innovation in the gaming industry for the next few years…

But boy were we wrong.

VR casinos have exploded in popularity in the past year or two – despite widespread adoption of VR technology still some time away. It’s a huge expanding industry that no self-respecting gaming site like ourselves could possibly ignore.

With that in mind, today we’re going to talk a little bit about virtual reality casinos. We’re going to look at what we like (and don’t like) about them, and tell you if we think that the experience is worth the additional cost of buying a dedicated VR set up.

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What Is a VR Casino Like?

There are a few different kinds of VR Casino currently on offer in December 2018, but as the sub-niche is still very small – we widely expect to see many more inventive uses of VR technology in the gaming industry in the coming years.

From the moment you plug into a VR Casino you realize that this is going to be a gambling experience unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Most of the best VR casinos allow you to walk around their virtual gaming floors and inspect the games they have on offer. This is a fully immersive experience and is a whole heap of fun on its own – and you haven’t even started playing yet.

The games themselves vary slightly from casino to casino. Some casinos attempt to use a lifelike realistic approach to their appearance, and others go for a more cartoony vibe. Either way, most of the time you’re going to be completely immersed in whatever game you’re playing.

Online gambling is perhaps one of the easiest and most obvious uses of VR technology while it is in its infancy. The reason VR has not become widespread in the computer game world is because of its limitations. You need a super hard-core computer to run a VR game, and even then the graphics aren’t anywhere near as good as a console or PC game.

However, casino games require much less processing power than a computer game – and as such, they are more much accessible. The system requirements of the machine you’re playing on are much lower, and the frame rate and latency are extremely low too because there’s minimal processing compared to a normal computer game.

The other reason that VR casinos are an excellent use of VR technology is that casino games require very little moving around while playing (or no moving around at all). Because of this the usual immersion breaking joystick based walking controls are no longer an issue – you’ll be sitting down to play, just like you would in a normal casino. 

The Social Aspect

Perhaps the best thing about playing at a virtual reality casino is the social aspect. While gambling online in a traditional sense you’re often limited to a chat box or a microphone without video. It’s better than nothing, but it’s not VR.

The complete immersion provided by a VR casino extends beyond the games, you can also see the other players in the room with you. Combine this with a headset and microphone and you’re suddenly transported out of your daily routine into what feels like a real casino, with real players.

It’s an amazing experience that really needs to be seen to be believed.

The Downsides

The only real downside to playing in a virtual reality casino 2018 is that they’re a little bit too good. 

Gambling is already an addictive activity, adding the additional enjoyment of being transported away from your chair to an incredible virtual casino only adds to this. Players are much more likely to spend more time (and therefore more money) in a VR casino compared to a normal online casino.

Due to this, we highly recommend that players with a history of addiction exercise caution if they are considering joining a VR casino.


So there you have it, that’s what we think about the world of VR casinos. They’re a game-changing, ground-breaking innovation that is going to change the way future generations think about online gaming and if you’ve not tried it yet – we highly recommend you give it a go. 

At the top of this page, we’ve listed several excellent VR casinos that have all passed our stringent quality tests. They’re all a little bit different from one another, but they’re all excellent. 

We highly recommend you sign up and make a small deposit in several of them to try out the different layouts, configurations, and experiences – as they are all more than worthy of your consideration.

Just don’t forget to come back to reality every once in a while…